Twitter: Changing the Background

You’ve gotten yourself a Twitter account. Cool! It’s too bad the generic background is boring as all heck.

twitter-designtwitter-setting You want something else to look at… It’s pretty easy to change or modify your Twitter page with a more customized background in just a few clicks.

Here’s how:

1- Log into your Twitter account
2- Select Options (the little gear icon on the Twitter menu bar)
3- Choose Settings
3- Click “Design” (which will be on the left hand side of the next page)

Choosing a background

You can select a pre-made Twitter theme or upload your own customized file. On this page you can change your link colors too. It’s pretty simple!

One of the great features with choosing Twitter’s pre-made theme is that it allows you to try out various background options before committing to one. Select an image you like and your Twitter background will change. Don’t panic, this is just a preview and the background isn’t permanent until you click the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page!

Tweak the pre-made theme

Below “Customize Your Own” you can use these options to adjust the pre-made image too.

Tile background: Repeats the background image. This is awesome if you choose a small image that will repeat over and over for a cool customized pattern!
Background position: Moves the image to the left, middle or right of the browser window.
Background color: Changes the color of the background area behind the image, very useful if the image doesn’t fill the browser window.
Link color: Changes the color of the link text. Click on the rectangle and a pop-up window will appear to choose a color or type the hex code. Don’t know hex? Don’t worry! Move the little circle to whatever color looks good with your selected background.
Overlay: Black or white. You only get two choices. Pick one.

When you’re satisfied with the look, click “Save changes” and your changes will take effect immediately.

Need more choices?

There are tons more pre-made themes to choose from and Twitter recommends Themeleon to customize your Twitter profile. I haven’t tried them since I’ve chosen to customize my own.

Are you like me and don’t want a pre-made background?

Then upload your own image! This is great if you’re looking for a specific look or if you want to provide visual branding to convey your message to your followers.

Truly Custom Twitter Background

To upload a file as your background, choose “Change background” and then select “Choose existing image.” This allows you to pick an image from your computer. So, locate your image. Click “Open.” You’ll see a small part of the image in the box to the left. Go ahead and play with the settings to tile the image, set the image to the left, center or right and set a background color too. Have fun. Just don’t forget to click “Save changes” when you’re done!

By uploading your own background file, you can create something that is uniquely your own. You can’t truly set yourself apart from others if you’re using pre-made theme! Just remember, you are unique and your background image should be too!

Good luck, have fun and give me a shout @AmySusanDesign with your newly redesigned background!

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